Sustainability is a powerful driving force in produce today, customer demand calls for fruits and vegetables that are grown, transported, and packaged responsibly. Sustainable packaging options can vary widely in quality and usefulness, though. It can be a struggle sometimes – often, packers have to reconfigure their packaging systems to fit newer, more sustainable packaging.

But what if there was a sustainable packaging solution that looked and functioned exactly the same way as the packaging you already trust? Only, one with the added benefit of being derived from a natural, sustainable source? CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is that produce packaging solution – it’s a nonwoven resin mesh that works on existing bagging equipment, but it’s made from 96% biobased material that comes from a surprising, sustainable source. Read on to learn how this unique, recyclable bag mesh can help your company meet your sustainable produce packaging goals.

A Unique Design, a Sustainable Material

CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is our sustainable nonwoven mesh material that’s ideal for bagging produce and for so much more. It uses the same unique cross-laminated structure as our original time-tested nonwoven mesh, CLAF®. With strong dimensional stability and exceptional heat sealability, it works on exactly the same processing machinery as petroleum-based plastic meshes – but there’s one huge difference. CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is made of resin derived from sugarcane.

Strength, Ease of Use, Sustainability

CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is a USDA Certified 96% Biobased Product – that means that 96% of the material used to create it comes from a renewable biological source. Ethanol from sugarcane is processed into the resin used to make CLAF® Bio Fabric™, and it processes just the same way as a petroleum-based mesh. In addition to the same strength, toughness, and processability, there’s an extra dimension of sustainability in CLAF® Bio Fabric™ – it is also 100% recyclable, compatible with the current polyethylene recycling stream.

Meet Produce Sustainability Goals With Biobased Packaging

Biobased packaging doesn’t have to mean flimsy paper or hard-to-use specialty plastics – you can meet your sustainability goals with produce bags that function just like a traditional plastic. And, you can get the added benefit of a recyclable, sustainably-sourced material that comes from natural sugarcane. Find out more about CLAF® Bio Fabric™ and how this sustainable material can help meet your goals, without compromising your existing quality standards and processes. Reach out to one of our nonwoven experts today.

Sustainable Mesh for Your Application - CLAF® Bio Fabric™

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