Consumer demand calls for products that everyone can feel good about – and in all of a product’s components, from tear-resistant layers in bags and house wrap all the way to produce packaging, sustainability is a factor in many purchasing decisions. CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is a sustainable nonwoven mesh developed by the same team that brings you strong, durable, versatile CLAF® fabric. CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is just as easy to use, just as durable and strong – but it’s made from a sustainable natural resin and still 100% recyclable. Learn how we make this unique nonwoven, and where it can be used in your application to strengthen not only your products, but your sustainability strategy as well!

Resin From Renewable Sugarcane

CLAF® Bio Fabric™ is a USDA Certified 96% Biobased Product – meaning 96% of the material used to create it comes from a renewable biological source. That source is sugarcane. Ethanol from sugarcane is processed into the resin used in CLAF® Bio Fabric™, resulting in a product that is virtually indistinguishable from a petroleum-based open mesh. With all the strength, toughness, and texture of plastic mesh made from petroleum, CLAF® Bio Fabric™ gives your product the added dimension of sustainability. It can even be recycled in the same polyethylene recycling stream as a traditional plastic, but what else can CLAF® Bio Fabric™ do?

The Power of CLAF® Nonwoven Open Mesh

It can do everything that the original CLAF® can! With highly-oriented strands, superior heat sealability, and exceptional dimensional stability, it processes quickly and easily. With the same mechanical properties as petroleum-based mesh, it can be processed on existing machines, whether it’s being laminated into a composite or sealed up as mesh produce bags. It provides reinforcement thanks to the original CLAF® cross laminated mesh structure, and its thin, flat profile means it behaves just like a film in processing. CLAF® Bio Fabric™ can do all of this just like the original CLAF®, in a sustainable package that eco-conscious consumers will appreciate.

Create a More Sustainable Product With a World-Class Mesh

Easy to use, strong, and sustainable – CLAF® Bio Fabric™ takes the best qualities of the original CLAF® mesh, and wraps it in an eco-friendly package.To find out more about this mesh that’s been proven in construction, produce, agriculture, and beyond for your application, reach out to one of our nonwoven experts today and see how CLAF® Bio Fabric™ can enhance your product.

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